What does "Full Text" mean?

Full text indicates if searching the index or database will lead you to the complete text of an article or other source material (vs. an abstract or summary of that material). Please note that from off campus, EZproxy log in is required to access UBC-only resources and to see UBC eLinks to full text.

Full Text
the resource does contain the complete content of a journal article, book chapter, dissertation or other source material. Examples: JSTOR, Wiley Online Library, cIRcle
Some Full Text
the resource contains some complete content, but full text content is not available for everything in the database or index. UBC may provide a "UBC eLink" to full text content available elsewhere. Examples: Google Scholar, Canadian Periodical Index, PsycINFO
No Full Text
the resource does not contain the complete content. Some resources provide just citations or references for source materials; others provide citations and descriptive abstracts. UBC may provide a "UBC eLink" to the full text content availabe elsewhere. Examples: Web of Science, MLA International Bibliography, WorldCat