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China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database 中国知网

Alternate Titles: CNKI

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UBC has access to the following series:


  • China Academic Journals Full-text Database

    (1915 onward most are retrospectively covered)

  • Century Journals Social Sciences

    (1979-1993, 100 titles on social sciences are refined from CJP)

  • China Doctor Dissertations Full-text Database

    (1999 onward)

  • China Master Dissertations Full-text Database

    (2000 onward)

  • China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database

    (1999 onward)

  • China Core Newspapers Full-text Database

    (2000 onward)

  • China Yearbook Full-text Database

    (1912 onward)

  • Reference Works Online


  • Updated Daily


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    Date Coverage

    Mostly 1949-


    Theses & Dissertations