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JapanKnowledge Lib (in Japanese)

Alternate Titles: ジャパンナレッジ

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Includes the general Japanese-language encyclopedia Nihon daihyakka zensho 日本大百科全書 as well as the English-language Nipponica Plus encyclopedia. Also offers the full-length Japanese-langauge Nikkoku 日本国語大辞典 dictionary, translation dictionaries, full-text e-versions of Shin Nihon koten bungaku zenshū 新日本古典文学全集 and select Tōyō bunko 東洋文庫 works. Also includes Jitsū 字通, an extensive kanji dictionary with definitions for 9500 characters, as well as the Shūkan Ekonomisuto 週刊エコノミスト. In addition, it has access to kokushi daijiten 国史大辞典 one of the largest encyclopedia of Japanese history, biographical dictionaries 人名事典, and gunsho ruiju 群書類従, zoku gunsho ruiju 続群書類従, and zoku zoku gunsho ruiju 続々群書類従 a series of major collection of manuscripts from ancient times to early modern periods. The full list of resources can be found here.

2020 updates: New contents include Bungei Shunjū Archives 文藝春秋アーカイブズ, Shinpen Kokka Taikan 新編国歌大観, Kadokawa Kogo Daijiten 角川古語大辞典, and Kadokawa Nihon Chimei Daijiten 角川日本地名大辞典.

2021 update: Dai Kan-Wa Jiten 大漢和辞典 added.


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