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中國方志庫和基本古籍庫 Erudition

Alternate Titles: Chinese Local Records & Chinese Classics

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中國基本古籍庫V7.0 & 中國方志庫 初集 二集

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The database contains thousands of titles of Chinese gazetteers at all levels from Song Dynasty till the Republican Period. Special thanks to Professor Leo Shin who partially funded the acquisition of this database. Chinese Classics database includes 10,000 titles in 12,500 editions from the pre-Qin period through to the Republican period.

All texts are provided in full text and image format, allowing for a direct comparison both between digitized text and original text image. There are many ways of searching this full-text database, including by region, title or period, but at the same time, the form of the original, including maps or tables, is preserved, and shown side-by side. Downloading and printing is possible.


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Date Coverage

From ancient time to early 20th century