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Alternate Titles: Afghan Central Press Digital Archive

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The Afghan Central Press collection brings together four national, Kabul-based publications of Afghanistan whose long runs and prominence provide a concentrated vantage point for understanding developments in Afghanistan for much of the twentieth century. The English-language Kabul Times is presented alongside Pushto publications AnīsHewād, and Iṣlāḥ.

Together, the archives of these newspapers provide a chronicle of events from the fall of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, the establishment of the People’s Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, the Soviet invasion, the rise of the Mujahedeen, the establishment of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, invasion by the United States and the ensuing period of reconstruction from the view of the capital.

Anı̄s انیس - coverage is 1942-2020; Language: Dari/Pushto

Hewād هیواد - coverage is 1991- 2020; Language: Dari/Pushto

Iṣlāḥ اصلاح - coverage is 1942-2020; Language: Dari/Pushto

Kabul Times - coverage is 1962-2020; Language: English


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Asian Languages; Asian Studies; Persian

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1942 - Present