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 PRIVACY NOTICE: UBC Library makes the CARMA Video Library/Membership service available for you for your convenience. Your use of the CARMA Video Library/Membership service is voluntary. Please be advised that the personal information you disclose to the CARMA Video Library/Membership is stored on servers located in the United States. When you use this service, no personal information about you is collected by or for UBC. Canadian privacy laws do not apply to personal information you provide to the CARMA Video Library/Membership. Please review the CARMA website before using this service if you have any concerns.

On your first visit to CARMA, you must create an account using a UBC email domain (ends in "") to access the Video Library.

The CARMA Video Library currently contains 104 recorded lectures where users will have the opportunity to hear from internationally recognized scholars on a variety of research methods (including qualitative and quantitative). The videos provide an enriching learning experience by enhancing knowledge and application of research methods and by providing a basis of discussion and debate.





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Funding Notes CARMA Video Library is co-funded by the Sauder Dean's Office.