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Gunsho Ruijū

Alternate Titles: 群書類従

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Major library of Japanese classical culture, classified by field. The entire catalog, of 3,750 titles in 133 volumes, is fully searchable in modern script.

The Gunsho Ruijū series is a major collection of manuscripts from ancient times through to the end of the early modern periods compiled under categories covering history, literature, religion, language, customs, art, music, cultivated arts, education, morality, legal codes, politics, economy, society and many other subjects.

Includes: Gunsho Ruijū, Zoku Gunsho Ruijū, and Zoku Zoku Gunsho Ruijū.


群書類従:続群書類従完成会版 訂正3版5刷~9刷
続群書類従:続群書類従完成会版 訂正3版6刷~9刷
続々群書類従:続群書類従完成会版 3刷


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Asian Studies; Japanese