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Alternate Titles: Bâtir des ponts, Monde en Marche, Nos Nouvelles

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LesPlan Educational Services Ltd. is a BC based publisher which produces current events resources for teachers.

UBC Library subscribes to the following publications in French.
Access is available for issues published from September 2020 onwards only. 
Each release offers a PDF publication plus downloadable document for customizable teaching purposes.
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Bâtir des ponts/Building Bridges is a photocopiable current events resource, for students in grades 5 though 7 (Level 1) and grades 8 through 10 (Level 2). This publication aims to build understanding of current events that impact Indigenous Peoples and all Canadians.  Each issue of Building Bridges features one news story paired with a background article that explains the context or related history. The articles are embedded in a sequence of discussion-focussed lessons that are consistent with the First Peoples Principles of Learning and encourage students to adopt a respectful, reflective, empathetic, and inquiring frame of mind.

Le Monde en Marche / What in the World? is a photocopiable current events resource, for Canadian students in grades 5 through 7 (Level 1) and grades 8 through 10 (Level 2). Designed to enhance students' understanding of and interest in current Canadian and international events and issues, this publication addresses numerous curriculum outcomes.

Nos Nouvelles / The Canadian Readers a classroom-ready current events resource for students in grades 3 and up. This publication combines current Canadian events and issues with geography to expand students' knowledge of Canada while enhancing their ability to read and understand informational text.


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