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Alternate Titles: AGRICOLA, PubAg, NAL Digital Collections (NALDC)

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SEARCH is the USDA National Agricultural Library’s main search tool. It provides simple, one-stop access to more than 8 million records covering all aspects of agriculture and related disciplines including nutrition, food safety, food quality, animal and crop production and protection, natural resources, sustainable agricultural systems, rural development, agricultural economic and policy issues, agricultural imports and exports, agricultural statistics, extramural research, and extension education.

SEARCH Everything for results from the Catalog and Articles database (AGRICOLA), PubAg, and the NAL Digital Collections (NALDC). Or you can choose to limit your SEARCH to:

  • Articles, indexed journal article citations
  • PubAg, USDA’s public access repository
  • Digital Collections, full-text historical documents and images



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Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Sciences; Animal Science; Food Science; Food, Nutrition and Health; Forestry; Land and Food Systems

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