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Shinpen Kokka taikan

Alternate Titles: 新編国歌大観

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A basic source for Japanese literature research, this comprehensive digital version of the Encyclopedia of Japanese Waka Poetry [New Edition] was originally compiled as an index of old poems. Since the Meiji period, the Encyclopedia of Japanese Waka Poetry has been the desk companion that has made contributions to the work of countless researchers. While inheriting the same objectives, this completely re-edited and definitive dictionary has undergone a thorough review of the contents, and incorporates the achievements of a great accumulation of new research.

The approximately 450,000 poems from 1,162 anthologies contained in the dictionary include imperial anthologies, personal anthologies, private family anthologies, and anthologies from poetry contests. Moreover, the original text of each poetic work adopts the most reliable from among the popularized volumes. Top-class researchers were also engaged to prepare the main text of the dictionary in a most rigorous fashion. At the time of its publication, the dictionary was esteemed as the long-awaited arrival of a comprehensive collection of waka literature.


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