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Standard & Poor's Compustat

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Company information and hundreds of financial data items collected from a variety of sources, including news releases, shareholder reports, direct company contacts, and quarterly and annual documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission.

UBC's subscription is restricted to currently registered UBC graduate students faculty and staff.  To access, you must request a WRDS account.  Our subscription includes:

  • COMPUSTAT Global provides comprehensive financial data of up to 200 annual balance sheet and income statement data items on nearly 14,000 industrial companies and up to 500 annual balance sheet and income statement data items on 2440 financial services companies, with up to 12 years of history.
  • COMPUSTAT Full University Subscription provides access to comprehensive financial data of up to 480 items per year adjusted for accounting differences. Coverage includes 21,000 companies of which 11,000 (including over 1000 Canadian companies) are currently in business (active) with annual and quarterly data, and annual data for over 9900 companies that are bankrupt, went private, no longer report, or were liquidated (inactive). Annual Index Fundamentals file provides industry fundamental data for several balance sheet items, income statement items, and ratios. History covers up to 20 years for all companies and industries. Up to 7 years are provided for Business Segment and Geographic Segment data for te active companies. Multiple SIC file has up to 60 SIC codes of active companies for the most current year. Also included are:
    • Prices, Dividends, Earnings (PDE) - monthly history from 1962 to the present including Shares Outstanding with approximately 10,000 US companies plus 540 industry indexes.
    • Bank Annual & Quarterly - 650 banking companies with up to 20 years and 48 quarters of history.
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