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PubMed (1946 - present)

Alternate Titles: Medline

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Alumni and non-UBC users will have restricted access to full-text articles from off-campus. is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's free, web searchable database which includes MEDLINE - the premier international index to biomedical research covering nearly 6000 scholarly journals and indexing over 30 million citations from 1946 to present. This link takes you to the version with links to UBC Library's fulltext.


Pubmed's Clinical Queries provides quick access to the Clinical Trials and Systematic Reviews in the database.  See this NLM Fact Sheet on Pubmed for more information about its content.



NLM PubMed Online Training  [includes brief demos on searching].

Pubmed Tutorial (NLM)

PubMed: Saving a Search as an Alert (UBC Library Handout).

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Dental Hygiene; Medicine; Midwifery; Nursing; Psychology; Social Work; Biochemistry

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