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Bloomsbury Law Collections (Hart)

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Books sourced from Hart Publishing and Verlag C.H. Beck on academic study of law as well as to its development and practical implementation. Includes

Hart Publishing 2023
Hart Publishing 2022
Hart Publishing 2021
Hart Publishing 2020
Hart Publishing 2019
Hart Publishing 2018
Hart Publishing 2017
Hart Publishing 2016
Hart Publishing 2015
Hart Publishing 2014
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2023
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2022
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2021
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2020
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2019
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2018
Bloomsbury Professional Law 2017
Bloomsbury Professional UK Tax 2021
Bloomsbury Professional UK Tax 2020
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2022
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2021
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2020
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2019
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2018
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2017
C.H. Beck · Hart · Nomos 2016
C.H. Beck ∙ Hart ∙ Nomos 2015
C.H. Beck ∙ Hart ∙ Nomos 2014
Hart Publishing Practitioner 2022
Hart Publishing Practitioner 2021
Hart Publishing Practitioner 2020
Hart Publishing Supplement
Hart Publishing Practitioner Archive
Comparative Law, Legal History and Legal Studies
Competition Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Contract, Tort and Restitution
Corporate and Financial Law
Criminal Law and Justice
Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources Law
European Law
Family and Social Law
Human Rights Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Labour & Discrimination Law
Legal Philosophy
Litigation & Civil Procedure
Medical Law & Ethics
The Law of Property and Trusts


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