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Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database / 中华经典古籍库

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This database has completed seven issues, totaling 3,396 kinds of books. The data resources of the first three issues are all ancient books published by Zhonghua Book Company, and the high-quality resources of other publishing houses are included from the fourth issue. The partners include Phoenix Publishing House, Bashu Publishing house, Qilu Press and more than 10 publishing houses in China. The collected resources cover the classics, history, sub-sections and collection departments, including the 24 history, comprehensive history, the newly compiled sub-integration, the thirteen classics, and other classic series. The resources retain the complete preface, annotation, collation and other collating results of the books, with accurate data and authoritative content. The first issue was 200 million words and contained 293 books. The second issue contains 100 million words and 136 titles. The third issue contains 200 million words and 438 kinds of books. The fourth issue contains 405 titles and 250 million words. The fifth issue contains 250 million words and 629 titles. The sixth issue is 250 million words and contains 792 titles. The seventh issue is 250 million words and contains 703 titles.



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